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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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high school. how police found out about a female student's plans. and so many of you are concerned about teenagers who have gone missing from the district. >> every department in our newsroom is, working for you following this story. the assignment desk is calling other jurisdictions about missing persons cases. >> and our reporters are taking your questions straight to mayor bowser. we're tracking where the missing girls were last seen. but we begin where community leaders are connecting with students as they walk out of school. kristin? >> reporter: that's right. this issue of missing young people in d.c. has hit this part of the city the hardest. and so that is why community leaders are here at bell lieu today. this is what the gathering is all about today. it's twofold, really. getting to the bottom, the root
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young people are leaving home on their own. the other reason volunteers are here today, to let these young people know, there is help, there are people who care right here in the neighborhood. marcus bachelor organized this. he and other community leaders are passing out information to students, important information, with phone numbers to programs and other resources they can turn to, should they find themselves wanting to run away or if they are being exploited in some way. marcus bachelor says the effort has to go well past today. >> it's gonna take addressing some root causes and that assistant happen with a few initiatives or over a few weeks or days. there has to be a long-term effort to really get down to some of the root causes that are affecting our children in ways we can't even imagine. >> reporter: so today on news4 at 6:00,
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other volunteers on how they plan to keep the momentum going. >> thanks, kristin. we've been calling our local police departments all day, asking them how they handle cases involving missing children. they have similar policies. they don't put out a notice until a juvenile is considered a danger or critical. but they do make exceptions when they think a social media blitz can help a child get home safely. >> and there's been a lot of information that's wrong, misinformation about the status of missing teens in d.c. it started with an instagram post that went viral and was shared by a lot of celebrities and other people. we are working for you, separating fact from rumor on the nbc washington app. today's news4's tom sherwood asked mayor bowser if she was concerned about misinformation on social media? >> we recognize that the people in
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very well what the police department is doing, and they have appreciated getting that information faster and support our efforts to get kids to services they need. >> we put together an interactive map in the nbc washington app, it shows where several of the missing teens are from, as well as information about each of the cases. community and faith leaders point out many of the missing are young girls of color. search missing teens map. police say a teenage planned a mass shooting in her high school in maryland and had gone as far as r buying ammo and starting to build pipe bombs. but a family member tipped off police and they took action. we're live in frederick county with a look at the key evidence in this case. mark? >> reporter: yeah, the key piece of evidence is the 18-year-old's di
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plan to kill fellow students and her teachers. it even said she was prepared to die carrying out her plan. the 18-year-old is a honor student at cat objectin. law enforcement said there was never a sign of a problem when her father called the school after reading his daughter's diary. the 18-year-old had a detailed plan of how she was going to carry out an attack on the school, which she had been working on for some time. gathering materials to build pipe bombs and buying a 12-gauge pump shotgun. >> the day we determined the event was to occur was april 5th of this year. to this point, the investigation has involved the search of the residence, the recovery of evidence, the scrutiny of her diary, interviews with her friends, associates, and family members. right
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very much focused on her diary and the detail in the diary that cleared planned out a mass shooting event at the high school. >> reporter: now, after her father read that diary last thursday, he immediately notified school officials of his concerns, they called police, and within hours, sefarrio was taken out of her classroom on thursday, involuntarily committed to a local hospital for a mental evaluation. once he's she's released, she'l charged with several felonies and placed under arrest. there's no evidence that anyone knew of this plot or was helping her in any way. they point out the gun and materials were purchased legally because she's an adult. back to you. >> thanks, mark. now to your storm team 4 forecast. take a live look now outside. looks pretty nice, but don't let the sunshine fool you. we
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>> you can see some of the rain starting to move in. let's go to doug kammerer. doug, i guess it makes sense, t warm air brought something along with it. >> that's the case. tomorrow could see shower activity, maybe thunderstorms. maybe a shower this evening, but most of us will stay dry throughout the rest of the evening. 73 in d.c., 76 richmond. saturday, extremely warm, highs in the upper 70s. y yesterday, only in the 40s. now back into the 70s. no rain across the region, but look at what we're dealing with just back down to the southwest. a potent little storm system, all this pink, that's severe thunderstorm watches. numerous warnings. i'm not expecting much in the way of severe weather, but we could see some thunderstorms here too. we'll take you hour by hour and see you
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>> here are your other top stories. the attorney general has announced a new crackdown on sanctuary cities. jeff sessions and the department of justice plans to deny them funding if they don't start following federal immigration law. they cited a raid at a local high school as a warning. jared kushner plans to speak with the senate intelligence committee. kushner will be interviewed as part of an ongoing senate inquiry into the russian election hacking. a trump spokesperson said kushner volunteered to talk. three times she's tried to get on the white house grounds, and now it's landed her in court. what does it mean for security, in our next half hour. it's a simple move that could help you get rid of your back pain. we'll show you the benef
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montgomery county is dealing with a tricky privacy issue that may involve your e-mails. the controversy came to light when the leader of a community group asked for all of the e-mail addresses used by county agencies. by laws, residence e-mails are considered public record, so the county had to release them. and because all public records are posted on the county's website, anyone could see those. the list of e-mails was posted for several days, then taken down. the county council is now working to change the law so that future e-mails are not considered public records. >> staying in montgomer
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the rockville city council is considering prohibiting lighting up at outdoor patios. leaders want to hear your thoughts. they're holding a hearing at 7:00 tonight at rockville city hall. if the law passes, rockville will be the second city in maryland to enact such a ban and the first here in our area. roadwork ahead. it's a busy intersection in fairfax county that will be under construction for the next year. the roadwork starts today on the overpass bridge of gallows road and route 50. you should expect single lane closures during the day, and multi lane closures overnight. one lane will be open at all times on both roads, but detours will be in place when the roads are closed. what doctors are getting wrong about
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allergies. some are these sweet dogs are safe from danger overseas. how you can help em. anthd
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we're just learning some new information about a murder over the weekend in front royal that involved
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found badly wounded and screaming on the street not far from her apartment. police have reaftded her 17-year-old boyfriend, a high school senior and charged him with second-degree murder. we reached the victim's father a short while ago, he said the suspect was acting strangely, when he took the victim's keys and her car. she got in to try to stop him. a few blocks away, neighbors came running when the car hit a mailbox, and adams was discovered in the street. the suspect bailed out of the car, but he was arrested soon. adams was taken to the hospital. coming up, her father shares his thoughts about the crime and the loss of his only daughter. first at 4:00, meet bricks, the newest member of the st. mary's county sheriff department. the shepherd will team up with lacy johnson. they'll be training together to work in patrol and the narcotics detection
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the st. mary's sheriff's office now has five k-9 teams, two are trained in explosives detection. >> if you love dogs like i do, fair warning, this next story may do more than just startle you. 46 dogs are now safe here in the u.s., after they were rescued from a meat farm in south korea. humane society volunteers embraced the animals over the weekend when they arrived at jfk. we just learned 11 of the dogs have arrived at the animal welfare league of queen ann's county in maryland. the others are being transported to two other shelters across the country, and all of them will be available for adoption fairly soon. i'm so glad the story ended like that, because i was gonna -- i started out reading that, and i'm like, we gotta go to doug after this horrible story, but this one had a good, happy ending. >> happy ending pch. >> can you say the same about our afternoon? >> a beautiful day, 73 right now. just gorg,
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upper 70s on saturday, you walk outside, everything's great. sunday, you go, what happened? the clouds moved in, the temperatures dropped. and we were nearly 30 degrees cooler on sunday after that cold front, that back-door cold front made its way through. but right now, we have sunshine back. with that sunshine, temperatures at 73 degrees. temperatures dropping, but not that much. look at the numbers. 70 degrees at 7:00, low 60s by 11:00. we could see a couple of showers. that's the only thing i'm watching. 72 in leesburg, 78 down in fredericksburg, baltimore cooler at 69 degrees. but some very nice temperatures. nothing on the radar for the most part. seen some blips here, this is all part of a frontal boundary trying to make its way through. a bigger front, one storm to the north, another storm down to the south. this one with a lot of severe weather associated with it, and
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showers this evening, but a better chance during the day tomorrow. 66 in pittsburgh, 73 d.c., 78 in raleigh. to the west, we're on the cooler side, and then we get cooler by the time we get to the middle of the week. tonight at 6:00, some shower activity, not a lot. 9:00, another chance for showers. tomorrow, a better chance of area-wide rain. showers at 7:00 a.m. does not affect the morning commute, but i wouldn't be surprised if they were already into the d.c. metro area, could be slow on the morning commute. by lunch, more shower activity, but again, it's hit or miss. it's not an all-day rain. we'll see showers during the rain, best chance of heavier rain, tomorrow evening. some thunder, nothing
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but some thunder with some storms. then they rumble out of here by tomorrow night. most of us looking okay. 74, mostly cloudy. showers likely tomorrow. and thunder will be possible, not severe, but thunder. don't be surprised to see that if you out and about. we get to 74 tomorrow, 66 on wednesday, and then look what happens again on thursday and friday. the winds begin to shift, we go more out of the north. thursday a high of 57. friday, a much better chance of some rain. some of that looks heavy and again, we need some rain around here, been in that severe drought, nasty day on friday. but much nicer this weekend. the weekend for now, looking dry. temperatures in the 60s, and we stay there, above average, as we make our way into april. april, right now, looking pretty good. you know this march was not fun. >> payback for february, doug. >> knew it was coming. and do
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pain? a whopping 80% of adults will have low back pain at least once in their lifetimes. experts are seeing big benefits from a device that you've probably never seen and never tried. foam rollers. as you'll see in this demonstration, you place the ball between your shoulder blades and roll down to your lower back. the secret is to find the tender spots and roll over them, even if it hurts a little bit. if you do this correctly, it's like giving yourself a mini massage. you can use it to ease pain in your hips and legs. of course you should check with your doctor first. >> fascinating. >> i'm willing to give that a try. most patients with peanut allergies are told avoid all nuts. it's a problem that can impact your quality of life. >> yeah, my son has a horrible peanut allergy. this story caught my attention immediately. a new study
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nuts may be okay to eat even with an allergy. erika edwards explains. >> if you're allergic to walnuts like i am, stay away from them. but a new study suggests that people with a peanut or single tree allergy may not need to avoid all nuts in their diet. the research examined 109 people, known to be allergic to a specific nut, like walnuts, almonds, or cashews. despite blood or skin prick tests that showed a sensitivity to other nuts. 50% of those patients had no reaction when doctors had them actually eat the other nut. and very few of those diagnosed with a peanut allergy in the study ended up clinically allergic to tree nuts. >> in patients with multiple food allergies, if we can liberate their diets, allowing them to eat other foods, quality of
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>> reporter: this past january, the national institute of allergy and infectious disease says say most children by six months should have a taste of peanut butter or another food with peanut in it. research shows that babies exposed by peanut butter by then are 80% less likely to go to develop a peanut allergy. something dr. jackie has been telling us here on our air for months now. >> she's been saying that. >> ahead of the curve. first at 4:00, the attorney general pleading with maryland. >> the rape of a student at rockville high gets the attention of the white house again. >> what's changing and what's not after a woman tries to scale the white house fence three times in one week. and adele reveals her
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last august a tragedy at the flower branch apartment complex in silver spring took the lives of seven people, and profoundly impacted many more. including a man who lost nearly everything. doreen gentzler has his story. >> remember how horrible this story was? and a lot of people still dealing with the repercussions of it. nammar ialu was visiting his aunt and uncle when his life changed in an instant. he
4:26 pm
then waking up hours later severely injured and not knowing where his aunt and uncle were. his road to recovery has been long and painful, but with the support of his community and his doctors, he has persevered and healed. i'll have more of his story of resilience and hope coming up on news4 at 5:00. he lost so much of -- he was working on his ph.d. and all of his work was lost in that fire. and of course the loss of his aunt and uncle was tragic. more about how he's recovering and what he's gone through to try to regain his health. >> thank you, doreen. battle rounds are continuing tonight on nbc's "the voice." one of the young men fighting for his spot is a d.c.
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♪ >> i just retweeted malik daf ij, who grew up in southeast d.c. he was here in our studio not long ago, and told us he was inspired to sing after watching the jacksons, an american dream movie which premiered back in 1992. he said his career started here in d.c., where he would perform for anyone who would let him sing. >> i've done things like, i've sang at national anthems for the d.c. high school football championships, performing at bars and lounging, and little places where people are singing for happy hour. i've been doing that for so long. >> now he's on the big stage. malik is on team adam. cheer him on at 8:00 right here. and if you missed adele, you may not get a chance to see her, the new zealand herald reports that adele told an audience, that she
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again. she says she's just not all that good at it. her current tour ends this summer in her hometown of london. big disappointment to her fans. well, it's on to the next big policy fight. nbc's senior political editor mark murray joins us in just a few minutes to talk about where the trump administration goes after failing to reform health care. and what the governor of virginia is pushing now that the affordable care act still stands. scott mac farl 18 in the newsroom. a woman arrested twice for scaling the white house fios is not cable. we're wired differently. a woman arrested twice for scaling the white house maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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announcement from the trump administration. how it's using the rockville rape case as an example of its immigration policy, and how that's going to impact your tax dollars. now that the health care fight is over, what's next on the president's agenda? nbc news senior political editor mark murray will join us to break it down for you. and we're tracking showers on the storm team 4 radar. depending on where you live, you could see some rain tonight. we'll tell you who is going to see showers, and who won't. you're watching news4 at 4:00. first at 4:00, the recent rape case at rockville high school was a topic of conversation at the daily white house press briefing. jeff sessions spoke at the briefing, announcing a crackdown on sanctuary cities. during his comments, sessions begged people of maryland to reject any efforts to protect undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes. >> well, you
4:32 pm
talking about a state law to make the state a sanctuary state. the governor is opposed to that, i'm glad to hear. that would be such a mistake. i would plead with the people of maryland to understand that this makes the state of maryland more at risk for violence and crime. >> white house press secretary sean spicer has also commented about the rockville case. you can see what he had to say on the nbc washington app. search spicer rockville. a woman from skealt has been arrested three times outside the white house in the past week alone. now she's behind bars, and a judge has ordered her to stay there until a court appearance coming up. scott macfarlane and the news4 team have tracked white house security and joins us now in the newsroom. >> the secret service said 38-year-old wahl scaled the fence and a judg o
4:33 pm
stay away from the white house. they caught her scaling the fence again sunday. late this afternoon, a judshe f jail time including contempt of courts for violating orders to stay away from the white house. she told agents she was motivated by the successes of other recent fence jumpers. in her first attempt, the secret service says she was found dangling on the fence by her shoelaces. yesterday morning, investigators say they found her with maps of the white house grounds on her person. and they say she told secret service agents, i feel like i'm supposed to be here right now. she said she wanted to meet with the president. and later told agents she'd ask her state senator to help arrange such a meeting. she's in custody of u.s. marshalls in d.c. until at least april 3rd, and she
4:34 pm
more charges tomorrow. chris? >> thank you, scotty. by all accounts, last week was a tough one for the trump administration. but the president is trying to turn the page from that stunning collapse on health care. >> mark murray is here now to talk about the next big policy fight. mark, the failure of the health care bill, will that make it tougher to pass tax reform? and do you think there will be similar rifts among the republicans? >> i do think it makes it tougher. because it already shows the fraktdures and the challenges ahead for the trump administration. over the next three or four months, the trump white house is going to want to have three big things on their agenda. number one, as you mentioned, tax reform. two is the ability to fund the government, to make sure it doesn't shut down in late april. and then there's the fight to raise the debt limit. as we saw for the health care fight, that the republican party is divided. you end up having a sizeable number of house republicans who kind of
4:35 pm
any piece of legislation. so there's the ability, does president trump then reach out to democrats to help get these things across the finish line? but with his approval ratings now at near all-time lows, it will be interesting to see if democrats want to get on board. >> you got to wonder if the incentive is there. thank you very much, mark. well, just days after the repeal and replacement debacle, virginia's governor is taking action. terry mcauliffe has proposed a budget amendment to restore his authority to plan for medicaid expansion. the governor said virginia's failure to expand medicaid has cost the state more than $10 billion. republican leaders in the general assembly say the failure by congress to act changes nothing. that medicaid expansion is still wrong for virginia, and that nearly every state that has expanded it, is seeing huge budget deficits.
4:36 pm
is hosting heavy hitters on day two of its annual con frens. house speaker paul ryan, u.n. ambassador nicki hailey and several congressmen are appearing at apac. there's vice president mike pence. s he spoke yesterday. several groups are protesting the group because of expanding jewish settlements in the west bank. she's a symbol of strength, the little girl staring down the bull on wall street. >> what's next for the statue that is inspiring so many people? and still no arrests after a gun battle in a nightclub in cincinnati. what we've been able to learn about the victims. what a difference a day makes. yesterday, only around 50 in the afternoon, now we're into the 70s and there are showers and storms in the midwest. i've got hour by hour timing on that as we look into tuesday and the threat of storms for
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then you belong at bass pro shops for huge savings during our dog days sale. like a 3-pack of playhound dog toys for under $10. and redhead men's rock bridge shorts starting at under $20. and quite a change from this morning when we were right on the upper 40s, already now well into the 70s. packs river, 75, fredericksburg, 78. culpepper at 79 degrees. reagan national at 73 as that cloud cover broke up, things have really warmed up as
4:40 pm
temperatures still hovering in the mid 70s through the next hour. by late in the evening, back down to low 60s by 11:00 or so tonight. dawn tomorrow, down into the 50s. storm team 4 radar, all dry now. there were a few showers that tried to pop up, they have sdipated. this whole system getting close to us. i'll have the hour by hour timing on that in just a few minutes. >> thanks, tom. the little girl staring down the wall street bull will not be backing down anytime soon. the fearless girl statue has become quite popular since its installation earlier this month. today new york mayor bill de blasio said it's inspired so many people and fueled so many conversations with women in leadership. the statue was supposed to be removed april 2nd, but the mayor says a longer term permit will allow it to stay there through
4:41 pm
next february. today the president met with women who are business owners and entrepreneurs. the administration says economic empowerment for women is central to the administrations agenda. the round table highlighted the successes achieved and some of the challenges faced in the business community. there have been some difficult moments for the family of an american man who was killed in that attack in london, but his brother-in-law is thanking the public. and an unexpected twist in court. a man charged with killing two children pleads guilty to everything.
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here are 4 things to know on this monday afternoon. mayor bowser is working to calm concerns about missing teens in the district. she says the number is not on the rise, but awareness is. law enforcement has foiled a plot against catoctin high school in frederick. the sheriff credits the young woman's father with tipping them off. the woman accused of jumping the white house fence three times will be back in court early next month. and attorney general jeff sessions is using a recent rape case at rockville high school as an example, he says, it's why the trump administration is working to change u.s. immigration policy. he killed five people
4:45 pm
and he was speeding as well. it was one of the deadliest crashes in recent memory in prince georges county in 2014. >> the victims' families have been waiting for justice. tracee wilkins explains why it took so long. >> reporter: the man who was charged with killing five people in a dui crash that happened back in 2014 has pled guilty to 28 charges connected to that accident. kenneth kelley was in prince georges county court today. instead of going through jury selection and the trial that had been planned, he pled guilty, taking full responsibility for taking the lives of three adults and two children. one of the people killed was in the car with kelley. now, according to prince georges county police, he was going at least 70 miles per hour at the time of the accident on livingston road and oton hill. 40 miles per hour over the speed mi
4:46 pm
kelley. today they explained why this case has taken so long to get to court. >> he was taken to the hospital the night of the accident and he actually -- or the officers attempted to draw his blood, but the hospital staff refused. so we were able to get his blood numbers from his medical records, which we had to wait for, which was part of the delay. we were also waiting for dna results, which we got in the spring of 2015, which is when we dial filed our indictment and then a warrant was issued and we had to wait for it to be served. >> reporter: coming up, what would have been presented in this trial had an opportunity to take it to trial. this afternoon, a warning from federal officials about a new phone scam making the rounds. it's one of the stories we're working on for you in the next hour at 5:00.
4:47 pm
newsroom with a closer look at this. >> hi, guys. this is one that we have not told you about before, and it's quite disturbing. >> just up on news4 at 5:00, one word that the thieves are trying to get you to say and why. so we'll tell you about that. also ahead, the dust-up about united airlines not letting two young girls on because they were wearing leggings, as the daughter of an airline pilot, my father flew for my whole life, he was an airline pilot. we are clarifying this. this is not what you think. if you want to wear leggings and you have purchased a ticket, there's no dress code for you, but there is a dress code for certain people on certain airlines, and we'll explain that to you. this is something i've known for 60 years. >> yeah, your dad was a piedmont pilot. >> and i knew, as soon as i saw this story, i thought, i know what just
4:48 pm
5:00, check out what delta tweeted at united airlines. >> really? >> yes, yes. it will bring a smile to your face. >> i'm going to put my leggings on right now, because leggings are allowed on channel 4 news. >> they are! >> we wear our leggings. >> only way to go. turning to the weather, tom, what's it like out there now? >> it's leggings weather. i'm wearing mine underneath my slacks. [ laughter ] i hash tagged over the weekend, mood swing march. up and down we've been going here and this is the time of year, we see these major changes under way. you can check them all out when you're away from your tv. you can see the latest radar. look at the sun-splashed washington monument and jeffersonor
4:49 pm
monday afternoon. and there, just to the left of your screen and center of the screen is the tidal basin. you can see the pink swath, that is all the cherry trees in full bloom now. just absolutely gorgeous day around the tidal basin. and the pollen report, the pollen count is jumping a bit. it's now up into the moderate range for tree pollen. it's nowhere near how bad it can get here by mid april, but it is starting and some of my co-workers, jim hendly, has been having problem with the pollen, so we use jim's nose as our pollenometer to tell whether it's jumping. also the mold spores are starting to show up as well. we've been dry and haven't had to deal with that much lately. it's already near 80 degrees, fredericksburg and culpepper. what a change from this morning. low 70s in washington. little breeze o
4:50 pm
only at 62 degrees there right now. there's the sky looking off to our west. just a few clouds trying to pop up. what to wear tomorrow, a jacket in the afternoon, it will be cool, but definitely need the umbrella later in the day, especially in the afternoon. need your rain boots and even a rain poncho, especially for the afternoon hours tomorrow, and we'll likely get showers coming on through. this evening, there's only a small chance of an isolated thundershower popping up this evening, and temperatures by 11:00, back down to near 60. then some patchy fog, could be some dense fog early tomorrow morning, then that breaks up and sun tries to break out later in the morning. chance of a shower by 11:00, noon time during the day. for the commute tomorrow, dense fog in the morning, small chance of a shower. then for your lunch hour, showers are looking more likely. maybe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. right now i don't have anything popping up on
4:51 pm
a little shower in culpepper county. here's the hour by hour timing. these patches of green, some showers between 8 and 11:00 p.m. after that, things settle down. by dawn tomorrow, a few showers. 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, passing showers coming through, moving in from northwest on southeast into the metro area. most of it is over by 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. and things will settle down tuesday night. how much rain, in this area of green, up to half an inch. in blue, maybe more than that from some downpours that come through tomorrow. ten-day outlook, mood swing march, up and down we go, up this afternoon and then as we get into tuesday, mid 70s and cooler on wednesday and much cooler on thursday. maybe only in the 50s and some cool rain showers. drying out for the weekend, then ts
4:52 pm
into the following week and say hello april. all right, tom, thank you. and we want to thank you if you are one ever the thousands who came out to the nbc 4 allstate community shred over the weekend. so many people are taking steps these days to protect themselves from identity theft. 3,000 cars packed the parking lot at northern virginia community college on saturday. people brought boxes of old bank statements and bills and other personal information, and all of that stuff got shredded for free. if you missed it, not to worry. the next one takes place in june. there was a tragic shooting at a nightclub this morning, and police have no one behind bars. we are going to take you to cincinnati for more about what led up to that violence.
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for the first time, an american man's family is talking about his death in the recent attack in london. curt cochran and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary when he was killed on the westminster bridge. his wife is still in the hospital and his brother is thanking people for respecting their privacy. >> the most difficult part of all of this is that curt is no ng
4:56 pm
and we miss him terribly. he was an amazing individual who loved everyone and tried to make the world a better place. >> the family says melissa is steadily improving and her family being there has made her stronger. 16 people are recovering from wounds today after gunfire early sunday morning that left one person dead. >> the shooting happened at a nightclub in cincinnati, five victimrehehospital, two of them incal condition. >> and police say the shooting followed a dispute that took place inside the bar. so far, no arrests in the case. mark barger has more. >> reporter: the city of cincinnati is looking for answers after violence erumted inside a bar over the weekend. before it was over, 17 people were shot. so far, many questions remain about what led up to the incident, but police believe there were multiple shooters. >> it was a dispute that occurred insid
4:57 pm
and it violence. >> about 200 people wereidan. scared patrons went into survival mode. >> all i could do is dive on the ground and get to safety. i started screaming and hollering and crying because the bullets is not stopping. >> reporter: the city's mayor is expressing outrage over the gun violence. >> 17 people shot for going out to have a good time. that is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: several off-duty police officers providing parking lot duty were on scene and quickly responded. police say the club uses private security and metal detectors or patdowns as people enter. but it's not clear how many weapons were used or how the guns were smuggled inside. the police chief says the investigation is progressing and the mayor is confident the shooters will be brought to justice. and our news continues now with jim and
4:58 pm
news4 at 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, police arrest a high school girl who they say was plotting to shoot people and set off bombs in her high school. >> why her family had such a difficult decision to make. plus, the explosion that leveled an apartment complex in an instant, sending shock waves throughout silver spring. and how one man is recovering after losing everything, including his family, and how the community is helping him get back on his feet. >> see something, say something. today is proved true and may have saved lives. our top story, a father reads his daughter's personal diary and, then decides to call authorities. >> he realized his daughter may have been planning a deadly attack on her fellow classmates and her teachers at catoctin high school in thurmont, maryland. authorities are grateful the parents came forward.
4:59 pm
mark segraves has more. mark? >> reporter: good evening, jim and wendy. how close this came to happening, the county sheriff said today there's no doubt in his mind that this 18-year-old planned to carry out this attack. she even had a date in mind, next wednesday. and she had amassed an arsenal, including a shotgun and material to make pipe bombs. >> we felt this was going to be carried out. there is no doubt in our minds that we averted a disaster up there. >> reporter: it was 18-year-old nichole cevario's father who alerted authorities that his daughter was planning a mass shooting event at her high school. >> this event was very probably evented by the parents who stepped forward, they saw something, they said something, so all the credit in the world to these parents. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say her diary laid out
5:00 pm
students and teachers at catoctin high school. she had purchased a shotgun, ammunition, and material to build pipe bombs, which were all found in her homes. >> it was also clear in her diary that she planned to die in this event. >> reporter: thurmont, maryland is a quiet, working class community where residents say something like this is unheard of. >> you don't expect it here? >> absolutely not. i always felt safe here, more so than in the bigger cities. >> reporter: scevario's father alerted officials thursday and within hours she was removed from her classroom and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation. >> obviously this was a student who needed some intervention and some help. i think the silver lining is that she's going to get the help that she needs now. >> reporter: cevario remains in a local hospital under mental evaluation. at this hour, she's facing several felony charges and will be placed under arrest.


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